Boring is one of the key services that provide. In most parts of the Pakistan, the water supply is derived from the bore hole.

The water after deriving from the bore hole is treated depending on the type of aquifer that is used to extract water.

Some people prefer installing their own bore hole so that they can get pure water. However, extracting the water from the bore hole does not guarantee the high-quality water.

Whether the water extracted from the bore hole will have the high-quality or not depends on the location from where it has been extracted and the aquifer.

There Are Basically Two Types Of Bore

Deep Bore

It is a type of bore which is done when the aquifer is slightly deeper than usual. When the aquifer is 20 meters deep, deep bore is done. in general, the quality of water that is extracted from the deep aquifer is thought to be very good. The quality of water here is measured in terms of microorganisms present in the water.
In order to ensure that the quality of the water remains high and the taste of the water also does not change, the boring service provider tries to ensure that the bore is properly constructed., provide the boring services with the well construction of the bore. We try to protect the deep bore in such a way that it remains protected from the entry of contaminants and thus, the water remains well maintained.
There are many naturally occurring chemicals in the water. However, one can easily rely on the water extracted from deep bore because of the better microbiological quality of water.

Shallow Bore

Shallow bore is another type of bore which is not deep and quite near to the surface. When the aquifer is not so deep, people have to rely on shallow bore. Because the bore is not deep, it is more likely to contaminate the water with the clay and soil due to which, people are not recommended to go for shallow bore especially when they have to get the drinking water from bore.
Even if there is a need to get the shallow bore, it can be done in the rural areas as the rural areas soil is not as contaminated as the soil of urban areas

RO Plant

Preventing The Bore Water Contamination do not only provide the boring services but it also ensures that the water after bore remains free from contaminants. It is very important to keep the bore water free from contamination because once the bore water gets contaminated; it is very difficult to treat it.

  • try to ensure that excessive use of chemicals is not done. For this, chemical spill is avoided.
  • have a well maintained system due to which the water is properly enclosed and protected.
  • The bore is also sealed so that the surface water does not mix with the ground water.