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Training Manual

Training Manual is a water treatment company that you can easily choose when you want to ensure that the water you consume is safe to drink. As a matter of fact, this company keeps the safety of water at its first priority. It ensures that it has plenty of plans for the safety of water and for ensuring that the drinking water it clean enough. tries to implement objectified and comprehensive risk management. The approach of risk management encompasses all the steps from cleaning the water and delivering it to the customers.

The safety plan established by is very comprehensive and it takes the water quality and all the risks associated with it into consideration so that the safety of water can be ensured from its source to the destination

Why Training Manual Is Designed

The training manual of the is designed in order to promote the working of the projects related to the water supply so that it becomes capable of achieving the following goals

  • Making the workers aware of the key terms used in water treatment.
  • Make the workers determine how important it is to perform the water treatment.
  • Minimize the risks associated with the supply of water.
  • All the workers of are trained to work for the treatment of water in a number of ways.

The training manual issued by the is a main component of the toolkit that the company develops to train the people hired for working in the water treatment plant. Although this manual is specifically designed for the staff that hires, it is applicable for a large number of audiences.
The participants of the training program are provided with a workbook, PowerPoint presentation software and some other relevant documents. All those facilitators who already have the knowledge of the water treatment techniques and strategies use this training manual to train the participants.

Who Is Targeted by The Training Manual?

The technical staff of the is the primary group of people that are targeted by the training manual. However, it also targets consultants, contractors, developers, water suppliers, sanitation users and many more People who don’t belong to the water treatment industry are targeted by this manual such as students, teachers, people from agriculture field, people related to soil conservation etc.

What Does a Training Manual Include?

There are basically four parts in which the training manual of the is divided:

  • The first part of the manual includes the complete overview of the training that is to be given to the staff members of the company.
  • The second part of the manual includes all the tools that the trainee will be required to have so that he can ensure effective learning.
  • The third part of the manual has information about the objectives of the training manual, details about the people targeted by the manual, key points to be covered by the manual and a lot more.
  • The last part includes the reference material
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