UP-Gradation / Refurbishing

ROsolution.pk are one of the best reverse osmosis water treatment companies in Pakistan. The company has been providing the water treatment and purification services from many years.
There are many plants installed by ROsolution.pk that ensure that high quality services are provided to customers. The basic aim of the company is to provide pure potable water so that a better health can be ensured.
ROsolution.pk primarily want to make every person have pure water all across Pakistan. Therefore, the company provides its water treatment services to residential as well as commercial areas indiscriminately.

Up-Gradation Services

Up gradation services are provided whenever there is a need to enhance the performance of all the machines so that they can operate in an efficacious way. ROsolution.pk help the people in up gradation by bringing latest technological innovations in practice.

"We Never Know The Worth Of Water Till The Well Is Dry"

What Is The Basic Purpose Of Up Gradation?

ROsolution.pk provide the up gradation services so that existing process can perform all the operations in a reliable way.

How Up-Gradation Is Done?

The company performs the up gradation by:
Doing some technical enhancements in the system that can boost the performance of the entire system
Bringing changes in the sorting process to make it a little better. Replacing the outdated technology with the latest technology.


Refurbishing is one of those basic services that people contact ROsolution.pk for. There are many problems related to infrastructure that are faced by a number of municipalities in a particular region. Despite facing the problems in their infrastructure, they find it very hard or almost impossible to buy a water treatment solution. In other words, these municipalities don’t have enough budget to get the services of up gradation so they prefer getting the services of refurbishing.

What Is Refurbishing?

When the companies or customers choose the option of refurbishing, they actually choose to revive the existing system that they have for water treatment. The refurbishing is very useful in many ways. It helps the company improve the quality of the water obtained after water treatment.

The quality of the water is as high as the water after up gradation. Refurbishing is not as reliable as up gradation.

What Services Are Included In Refurbishing?

When it comes to providing the refurbishing services to clients, ROsolution.pk try to provide one of the best services that can make this water treatment company standout from the crowd. The list of services that are provided are Determining whether the pistons and all the valves are working fine or not One of the most important services that ROsolution.pk provide is the training of the staff. The purpose of training the staff is to enable it to perform the up gradation and the refurbishing according to the wish of the client and the needs of the system